Feedchar® is an Australian certified mineral–charcoal feed supplement for animals’ digestive health, condition and behaviour.

Why Agspand’s Feedchar®?

Agspand’s FEEDCHAR® for Horses and Farm Animals may assist with the effects of plant toxins and feed potencies that naturally occur through all seasons.


Certified Allowed Input for Organic Farming

Feedchar® contains no restricted animal materials (RAM) and its quality assurance tests pass all WHO and Australian requirements as safe to feed to animals (MSDS available).

Feedchar® toxin binder and digestive aid for all animals may assist

Dairies   |   Horses   |   Cattle   |   Sheep

Poultry   |  Goats   |   Dogs & Pets

Dairies   |   Horses   |   Cattle

Sheep  |  Poultry   |  Goats

Dogs & Pets

Agspand’s Feedchar® Consultancy

Agspand’s FEEDCHAR®

Consult with the creators and owners of Agspand’s Feedchar® for optimum results.

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Developing agricultural products and systems for effective farming processes.

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