Assisting the agricultural community with healthy and profitable animal and land management practices and products.

Our Services

Agspand’s Feedchar™

An activated charcoal-based dietary feed supplement for animals’ digestive comfort and reduced stress.

Animal & Land Management Consultancy & Training

Consultants and suppliers of livestock-handling and traceability data-collection equipment plus Agspand’s FEEDCHAR™ for healthy animals and soils.

Why Agspand?

30 Years’ Experience

Developing agricultural products and systems for effective farming processes.

Industry passion

Passionate supporters of sustainable and efficient agricultural innovation.

Animal & Land Management

Consulting and training on animal and land management hardware, and data collection software.

Systems & Budgets

Understanding how best to prepare systems for different needs and budgets.

Agspand’s FEEDCHAR™

Consultants on and suppliers of Agspand’s Feedchar for animals, a Triple Carbon Farming Process.

Personalised support

Providing ongoing independent and professional service to members of the rural community.

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