Assisting the agricultural community with healthy and profitable animal and land management practices and products.

Our Services

Agspand’s Feedchar™

A charcoal-based dietary feed supplement for animals’ digestive comfort and reduced stress.

Animal & Land Management Consultancy & Training

Livestock-handling and traceability data-collection equipment for healthy and profitable agricultural properties.

Why Agspand?

30 Years’ Experience

Developing agricultural products and systems for effective farming processes.

Industry passion

Passionate supporters of sustainable and efficient agricultural innovation.

Animal & Land Management

Consulting and training on animal and land management hardware, and data collection software.

Systems & Budgets

Understanding how best to prepare systems for different needs and budgets.

Communications Technology

Connecting and automating rural commercial operations with wide-area Wi-Fi networks.

Personalised support

Providing ongoing independent and professional service to members of the rural community.

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